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Morning Horseback Adventure & Beach Ride



Departs at 9am
1.5 hours of non-stop riding
Morning Horseback Adventure & Beach Ride

Enjoy a Ride Around Some of
the Most Beautiful Spots in Aruba!

This exciting horseback adventure is fun for anyone — couples, friends, children — and is pleasant for the entire family. The views are fantastic, with a wide range of man-made and natural wonders, such as beautiful beaches, sand dunes, and a fantastic ocean view.

Come enjoy a 1.5-hour ride around some of the most beautiful spots in Aruba, like the Gold Mill Ruins and Budui Beach! Learn about the history of the Gold Mine Ranch and surrounding areas as you explore on horseback.

We provide riding safety tips and instructions before you embark on your wonderful ride. Helmets and water are included. Be sure to wear long pants and sturdy shoes. If you’re staying at a hotel or cruise ship, transportation is included. Learn more about the sites we visit, transportation, and more here.

First-time riders enjoying their exciting Horseback Riding in Aruba at The Gold Mine Ranch Aruba
Enjoy Horseback Riding at Its Best with The Gold Mine Ranch

Sights Included

Come enjoy a 1.5-hour afternoon ride around some of the most beautiful spots in Aruba!
Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins
Shark Bay
Budui Beach
Wariruri Beach and Natural Bridge
Baby Natural Bridge
Hidden Valley & Lagoon

What To Bring

Wear long pants.
Wear firm shoes like sneakers (slippers are not appropriate).
Firm hats that do not fly off in the strong breeze

Set out on an Adventure

Ride with us and embark on a journey to over seven scenic spots on a fun and safe horseback adventure to enjoy with friends, family, or loved ones. Book your tour today!

  • One water bottle per person
  • Helmets (optional but recommended for adults, mandatory for children)
  • Riding and safety instructions
  • Transportation (complimentary for hotels and cruise visitors)
  • Lockers available
Transportation is complimentary for the high/low-rise hotel area. Pick-up time is approximately 45 minutes before the tour start time and is specified in the confirmation e-mail. Please follow directions in the confirmation e-mail.
A Note About Our Tours
The tours are non-stop, with small breaks at the beaches so you can take pictures if you would like to do so. No one gets off the horse during our tours (in contrast with other ranch tours that “park” for 30-45 minutes). Note: Due to our light horse breeds, we have a weight and height restriction of 230 pounds and 6’2″. Book online to receive the direct online discounted price!
  • Beginner: limited to no riding experience and unable to mount/dismount unassisted
  • Semi-Beginner: capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted and comfortable and in control at walking pace
  • Intermediate: comfortable in the saddle, confident and in control at all paces, rider who is currently riding regularly in open country
  • Advanced: all of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handling a spirited horse in open country
Cancellation is possible only 48 hours before the scheduled date and time. Any cancellation within 48 hours before the booked date and time is considered a default on your part, which results in a no-claim of the fee that you have agreed to pay in full. Only cancellations within 48 hours with proof of force majeure, medical proof of sickness, or injuries may be accepted. First, we will try to reschedule the tour in case it cannot go through due to any of the reasons mentioned above. If rescheduling is not possible and all conditions of the cancellation policy are met, you will receive a full refund.
  • Bring cash gratuity for our guides
  • Wear long pants
  • Wear firm shoes like sneakers (slippers are not appropriate)
  • Firm hats that do not fly off in a strong breeze

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