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EZ Raider Tours

Embark on a thrilling journey with EZ Raider Tours, where cutting-edge electric mobility meets adventure, offering an innovative and exhilarating way to explore. 

Electric Excitement

Discover the future of exploration on the EZ Raider, an innovative electric vehicle designed for eco-friendly excitement across diverse terrains.

Guided Expeditions

Explore with our skilled guides on expeditions that transcend typical tours, revealing hidden treasures and providing an immersive connection to destinations like never before.

Unbounded Freedom

Unleash boundless exploration with the EZ Raider's versatility, effortlessly maneuvering through urban streets, rugged trails, and diverse terrain.

EZ Raider Tours


EZ Raider North Coast Adventure

Enjoy driving your EZ Raider on this off road adventure on the North Coast.

A vivid depiction of riders enjoying a EZ Raider Tours in North Coast Countryside -The Gold Mine Ranch.

EZ Raider North Coast & Countryside Ultimate Experience

Enjoy this unique experience exploring the north coast and the countryside and see how the locals live.
Create Lasting Memories on a Private EZ Raider Adventure with The Gold Mine Ranch

Private EZ Raider Adventure with Snorkeling

Book your own Private Adventure on the EZ Raider and choose your starting and finishing location.
Discover Aruba in Style with Your Very Own Private EZ Raider Adventure by The Gold Mine Ranch.

About Us

Welcome to The Gold Mine Ranch, reviewed by our guests as the best horseback riding adventure in Aruba! We take you on the horseback riding experience of a lifetime, visiting beaches on the northern coast and the natural bridge. Ride with us and embark on a journey to over seven spots on a fun and safe horseback adventure to enjoy with friends, family, or loved ones.

Is the ranch too far from your resort? No problem! We provide free transportation from the high and low-rise hotel area, cruise terminal, and Oranjestad when you book on our secure website. Join us and embark on our one-of-a-kind horseback expedition. We guarantee a unique horseback experience with the best ocean view.

On the road in San Nicolas on an electric 4-wheeler, anticipating the adventures at The Gold Mine Ranch
Exploring the picturesque San Nicolas region on an electric 4-wheeler, en route to The Gold Mine Ranch.

What Make Us Best

Step into The Gold Mine Ranch, a haven where stunning landscapes, engaging activities, and meticulously crafted accommodations come together to craft an unforgettable experience embodying rustic opulence and an adventurous ethos.

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