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Private Paradise Tour

Indulge in a world of refined hospitality as we open the doors to our accommodations, where meticulous attention to detail, personalized service, and a serene ambiance converge to offer you a home away from home.

Secluded Escapes

Embark on the Private Paradise Tour to uncover exclusive hideaways, immersing yourself in serene seclusion amidst stunning landscapes.

Tailored Luxury

Indulge in personalized luxury as this tour caters to your preferences, ensuring a bespoke experience that matches your desires and expectations.

Unforgettable Memories

Create lasting memories as you enjoy privileged access to pristine locations, making the Private Paradise Tour a journey of unparalleled experiences.

Private Paradise Tour

Inexperienced riders discovering Horseback Riding in Aruba in The Gold Mine Ranch Aruba

Private Paradise Tour

Experience the best spots on the northeast coast of Aruba! We offer you not just a trail ride, but the best horseback adventure on the island.

Couple take their tour into the world of horseback riding at The Gold Mine Ranch Aruba.

About Us

Welcome to The Gold Mine Ranch, reviewed by our guests as the best horseback riding adventure in Aruba! We take you on the horseback riding experience of a lifetime, visiting beaches on the northern coast and the natural bridge. Ride with us and embark on a journey to over seven spots on a fun and safe horseback adventure to enjoy with friends, family, or loved ones.

Is the ranch too far from your resort? No problem! We provide free transportation from the high and low-rise hotel area, cruise terminal, and Oranjestad when you book on our secure website. Join us and embark on our one-of-a-kind horseback expedition. We guarantee a unique horseback experience with the best ocean view.

A lady newcomers to Aruba's Horseback Riding scene - at The Gold Mine Ranch Aruba
Aruba Horseback Riding at The Gold Mine Ranch

What Make Us Best

Step into The Gold Mine Ranch, a haven where stunning landscapes, engaging activities, and meticulously crafted accommodations come together to craft an unforgettable experience embodying rustic opulence and an adventurous ethos.

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